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Professional, private services

Looking for someone to care for our loved ones can be a draining process. It seems like we have to jump through hoops and exhaust ourselves in order to find a caregiver we can trust to take the time with our friend or family member that we would. When the searching for the right person is done by a trusted agency, it can make the process that much easier.

At Southern Arizona Family Services (SAFS), we provide many kinds of care services to the elderly, those with disabilities, or people who just need a helping hand. Whether it is assistance with yard work, laundry, cooking, or shower safety, we have caregivers who can help. We work with Arizona state agencies to provide services, but if the person needing services does not qualify for state assistance, we also do all of our services privately. Often, the private alternative means more care options and more flexibility with when and how often the services are received. 

Once a service need is established, we begin to work on the staffing. Our care providers are fingerprinted, fully trained, and screened to find the best match for your loved one. We feel taking the guesswork out of who goes to your loved one’s house is one of our most important responsibilities. It is encouraged to go with an agency or provider who makes you and yours most comfortable, as all agencies try to go through the same screening processes. At SAFS, we pride ourselves on meeting you and your family in the very beginning, often going out again when the caregiver has been found. We try to form relationships with the families we serve, so that we can always well serve you.

Direct care agencies can help tremendously when the time comes that you wish to offer your loved one quality support in order to ease their daily life. Southern Arizona Family Services has a caring staff in both the administration and the field that want to ensure you fully understand service possibilities. Our friends and families are the most important people in our lives, so let us help to see that they receive the very best.

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