In just a few years, Southern Arizona Family Services has grown from just a small group of devoted people to an agency that now serves the entire city of Tucson. Yet, even as SAFS has grown in size and scope, it has maintained a friendly family-like atmosphere for both its clients and staff. SAFS strives to make strong connections and consistently deliver a host of high-quality services. The magic is truly in the match between client and direct care worker. The magic comes from the heart.

Donna Gallagher

Executive Director

Donna Gallagher received her undergraduate degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from Penn State University. She received her Master’s degree from the University of Vermont in Special Education with an emphasis in working with people with severe disabilities. She … Read More

Ron Berry

Director of Administration

Ron Berry started Southern Arizona Family Services in April of 2006 with Donna Gallagher. He is the Director of Admin, and trains both SAFS employees, and employees from other agencies. Ron is certified to train First Aid, CPR, Article 9, … Read More

Chandra Divinsky

General Manager

Chandra Divinsky was recently promoted from HR/Payroll to the General manager of Southern Arizona Family Services. She moved to Tucson in May of 2018 from Portland, ME. She has years of experience in management and a background in hospital-based nursing, … Read More

Amber Lackman

Billing and Payroll

Amber has been with SAFS Billing and Payroll departing since 2015. She was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. She went to school for Medical Transcription and Medical Front Office at Mt Hood Community College in Portland, OR where she … Read More

Dulce M. Cadena

Training Coordinator

Dulce Cadena is the Training Coordinator at Southern Arizona Family Services. She is from Hermosillo, Sonora, MX and has a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Sonora. Dulce moved to Tucson, AZ on August 2015 and she started … Read More

Trina Baxter

Senior Services Coordinator

Trina Baxter is the Senior Services Coordinator. She brings on new clients from PCOA, Mercy Care and Banner.  She spends a lot of time on the road visiting clients for quarterly monitoring’s, making sure they are happy with services, and … Read More

Sonya Bryant

Day Program Manager

Sonya Bryant worked in the caregiving field with individuals with developmental and physical disabilities since the summer of 2013, and after working at the day program for under 2 years she was promoted to day program manager. As a manger … Read More

Briseida Hernandez

Program Coordinator

Briseida Hernandez started working in Southern Arizona Family Services as a direct care worker in August 2014 and a year later she was promoted to Program Coordinator. In her free time she enjoys being with her family and staying active.

Jocelyn Bork

Scheduling Coordinator

Josie is a Schedule Coordinator. She is responsible of finding the perfect match between our staff and clients. She has been with Southern Arizona Family Services since 2015.

Christine Hines

Scheduling Coordinator

Chris recently joined the scheduling department. Her job is to find the perfect match between clients with caregivers. She loves working with people on the phone and in person. In her spare time she enjoys painting and spending time with her … Read More

Crystal Varelas

Timesheets Processing/Companion Care Coord

Crystal Varelas joined Southern Arizona Family Services in May 2017; she started working as a direct care worker and after a year, she was promoted to an administrative assistant. She loved working with all her clients and getting to know … Read More

Dani Hernandez

Day Program Lead Staff

Dani was hired in November 2014 as a direct care worker. She worked with multiple clients at our day program and was soon promoted to be lead staff. She did an outstanding job assisting the day program manager and coordinating … Read More

Dolores Montano

Administrative Assistant

Dolores started on SAFS back in 2008 as a direct care worker taking care of multiple happy clients. In 2016 she joined back our team as an Administrative Assistant helping now clients and assisting in the office with several projects.

Josephine Romero

Administrative Assistant

Josephine recently joined our staff as an administrative assistant. She likes her position because she gives assistance to clients when they are in need doing fill ins and gives support in the office as well. She is a mother of … Read More

Javier Mendivil

Administrative Assistant

Javier was hired with SAFS to work as a direct care worker and he was soon promoted to become one of SAFS’ floaters, so now he gets to provide direct care to our members as well as assisting the different … Read More

Reed Bryant

Administrative Assistant

Reed began working in the caregiving field in 2006; throughout his caregiving career he has done both direct care and Administrative work.  As of July 2015 he has been full-time in our office as our main Special Projects Coordinator, in … Read More

Denise Bennett

Receptionist/Admin Assistant

In 2017 Denise joined us after many years in real estate.  She is the voice on the phone and the face at the front desk. If she can’t help you she’ll find someone who can. She has brought many years … Read More