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LocationDay of WeekTimeGender PreferenceNotes
Broadway/TucsonMondays+8 am - 8 pmFemaleFull care, hoyer lifting -kvm
Speedway/FairmountAssorted shiftsFlexibleFemalePersonal care, mild behaviors - j&r
Speedway/AlvernoonWednesday&Thursday4 pm - 8 pmNo preferenceIndependence skills, outgoing, hard worker, assistance w ADLS - ar
Broadway/HoughtonTuesday-Friday3 pm - 7 pmFemaleAssistance w personal care, mild behaviors - sv
1st/InaSaturdaysFlex 6-8 hoursFemaleExperienced - ah
Skyline/Orange GrooveMonday-Friday9 am - 4 pmNo preferenceHabilitation, supervision, companion - nt
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