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Live-In Care Services

SAFS strives to make strong connections and consistently deliver a host of high-quality services.

Get Premium in-home and community-based services


The Premier Program For Wellness &
Regenerative Medicine

Enjoy a life vibrand wellness, youthfull looks and healthy longevity.

Habilitation/Respite Care

SAFS provides an array of self-improvement and learning services through helping individuals achieve their goals. SAFS also provides respite care services, whether it be staying at home while the parents are out or taking the consumer out for a fun time. SAFS will cover your respite needs.


SAFS provides a full array of household services that promote a person’s self-reliance and level of independence.

Personal/Attendant Care

SAFS provides a broad range of attendant care services that enhance and maintain an individual’s personal hygiene and general health.

Private Pay

An option for individuals who are not funded through DDD, PCOA, or ALTCS, needing some extra help around the home. Whether it be housekeeping, Attendant Care or Respite Care we are here to help!

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About Us

Southern Arizona Family Services is a care-giving agency that provides both in-home and community-based services to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. In addition, we also provide in-home services to Tucson’s elderly population.



SAFS offers an Array of Training Options to Our Employees and Others Seeking a Career in the World of Care Giving.

“This curriculum teaches hands-on techniques for providing personal care, lifting assistance, redirection techniques, etc.”


– Cultural Diversity – Developing a deeper appreciation for the religious, ethnic, and social differences that exist between people.

Blood Borne Pathogens – Preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens.

– Article 9 – Compliance with Arizona State Law governing techniques for handling people with challenging behaviors.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Learning how to perform this life-saving emergency medical procedure to victims in cardiac or respiratory arrest.

First Aid – Administering limited fist aid to the sick or injured until skilled medical personnel arrive.

CIT Prevention & Support – Applying proactive and preventative strategies to manage sudden, intense or out of control behaviors.


A list of our services

Developmental Skills

We work with our clients to promote independence.

Behavior Intervention

We assist clients with challenging behaviors.


Help assist our clients with integration into the community.

Sensorimotor Development

Assist our clients with sensory motor skills by having them do daily activities.

Attendant Care

We will assist with our clients personal hygiene care such as bathing ect.

Companion Care

SAFS will provide a care giver to escort our clients  and ensure safety while transporting to and from doctors appoints. Care givers will also assist during doctors appointments if needed.


Our dedicated staff will teach our client self sufficiency skills such as cooking and doing laundry.

Respite Care

We provide relief for our clients main care taker of the family.

House Keeping

Assist with day to day household tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, and doing dishes.

What people are saying about us

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from others will!

Joan Bolt

“I have been working with SAFS since its inception and only have praise for this agency. SAFS allows easy access to management and has a helpful staff.”

Cynthia K. Perry

“My client was in the hospital and I was leaving he grabbed my hands and said, ‘I just love you, you are the best thing that ever happened to me in my house.”

Southern Arizona Family Services

310 S. Williams Blvd., Suite 130, Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone: 520.512.0200

Fax: 520.512.0198

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